Planning Ahead

Fundraisers come in all different shapes and sizes. We appreciate your willingness to spearhead a drive in your community to help those in need. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started with your collection:


Form a committee to assist you with your fundraiser. The group can help with event planning, donation collection and drop-off and recognition of donors. Decide on and outline all of the details before your drive starts so that everyone knows what to expect.


Setting goals gets your group motivated to have a successful fundraising campaign. A good rule of thumb is for everyone to donate $5. Tell people what your goal is, and encourage them to help you exceed the goal.


Take a moment to learn about the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. You can educate your group about the Foodbank, which will help increase participation. Foodbank staff are also available to give tours and make presentations to your group; contact us for details! Be sure to let your group know the start and end date for your fundraiser, where to bring their donations and the purpose of your drive. Post updates online, send emails encouraging giving and most of all, tell all of your friends and family.


Give your fundraiser some spirit by coming up with a creative theme. Fundraisers are excellent team-building experiences. Think about what would be most effective at your workplace, school or organization. Plan events and details that will give your drive that extra boost that will bring you past your goal.


No fundraiser is a success if you forget to say thank you to your donors. Be sure all of your donors know how thankful you are for their participation and donation, and that they are doing a great thing by helping those